My experience with Paul was great. He made the process smooth and easy during a difficult time over the Thanksgiving Holiday and Christmas Season when I was without my car due to a hit and run accident. He went to battle for me and took control of the situation and made me feel at ease, without being invasive, or needing much on my end. I really appreciate Paul's quick turnaround in resolving everything in such a professional, easy way, not to mention he went above and beyond what was expected. I will definitely use Paul again if the occasion arises, and would recommend Paul to anyone in need, because he really cares about his clients.

 My experience with Paul was great.

M. Sternjacob | Long Beach, CA

Paul is incredible. He not only rescued me from another attorney who was totally messing up my case, but eased my fears about attorneys in general. He was always available for me when I needed him. Keep in mind that personal injury lawyers don't work per hour, so to get this kind of attention was really amazing and made me feel properly taken care of. We worked together to get a settlement FAR surpassing my expectations. He is trustworthy, straight, and has really fantastic personal energy. Clearly, I can't say enough good things about Paul. I really have no complaints. He happens to also be pretty handsome and charming, which I have to say I didn't mind at all either.

Paul is incredible!


I've had the pleasure of knowing Paul Overett for a number of years, so when I was injured in an accident in 2017 I knew I could trust no one else more than him. His open and honest interactions about the process and timing of my case were greatly appreciated because I had no idea what to expect. He was able to guide me through the process like a Himalayan sherpa. He answered all of my questions quickly and made himself readily available any time I had more questions. He's personable, articulate, and charming. His staff was friendly and professional. I'll certainly be going to him with my future legal needs (prenup here we come), but honestly I hope I don't have to use him for any other personal injury matters. Knock on wood.

Paul Overett's open and honest interactions about the process and timing of my case were greatly appreciated!

Nicholas K.

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