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When you find yourself injured due to any form of accident, you want an experienced attorney working with you as soon as possible. The law will allow you to be compensated for a variety of losses these injuries can cause. The Orange County Personal Injury Attorney understands these laws and your rights to ensure you receive compensation from those partially or fully responsible for your injury.

At Orange County Personal Injury Attorney, our attorneys are experienced in handling serious personal injury and severe accident cases. Our expertise extends to car accidents, slip and fall accidents, truck accidents, wrongful death, spinal cord, and brain injuries, and much more. When you or someone you love has been injured in an accident, call our office immediately.

Paul Overett – Lead Attorney

Paul was born and raised in Northern Michigan but quickly realized he was more suited to the southern California lifestyle. 

He attended California State University, Long Beach where he received a Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Real Estate, and Law.  His long standing dream of practicing law began to take shape as he was accepted to local powerhouse Loyola Law School where he graduated in 1998.  

The early years of Paul’s practice provided a broad foundation of experience across several areas of law, but his path was clearly leading to personal injury.  The daily grind of battling insurance adjusters and defense attorneys is now the center of Paul’s wheelhouse, where he has the reputation of being a relentless, aggressive negotiator with studied patience and a calm demeanor.

Paul is a member of several important organizations that support consumer and plaintiff issues through informational exchange and government lobbying and frequently attends events to stay on top of key issues and collaborate with colleagues. 

The father of two teenagers, Paul spends his spare time surfing, running the beach, and traveling as often as possible, as well as abstract painting and learning Spanish.

About Us

Accidents happen, but when those accidents result in a tragedy, you want an experienced trial attorney helping you through the complex world of personal injury litigation. When you have the right attorney working with you, we work hard to recover all the damages you are entitled to under the law.

We will sit down with you to discuss the case and any possible outcomes. Once we accept your case, we become committed to taking all steps necessary in getting you compensation. We will focus our efforts on your situation and use all the resources available to get you the best possible results.

If you are facing a life-altering injury, the death of a family member, or any other challenges as a result of wrongful actions of another, it is a challenging time. We understand this and will handle your case with integrity and compassion to give you and your family the support and personal attention you deserve during this trying time.

The Orange County Personal Injury Attorney team has an extensive track record handling negligent corporate giants.  We are ready to fight corporate greed to protect you, the consumer that suffers when safety is overridden for profits. We are there when you need protection as the result of an injury sustained in an auto accident, slip and fall, or other negligent action by another.

Our attorneys strive to hold those responsible accountable for their actions and pay compensation for those they have wronged. We can deal with injuries caused by commercial vehicles, dangerous property conditions, or construction accidents. Orange County Personal Injury Attorney is there for you when businesses engage in unfair practices, and you suffer personal injury as a result of those practices.

A person can be hurt anywhere. An injury can happen while crossing the road or walking across a wet department store floor. No matter how your injury has occurred, if someone is responsible for your accident, they are responsible. With the help of Orange County Personal Injury Attorney, you are not alone. We will help you through the legal process of gaining compensation, and deal with all required paperwork and investigations, while you focus on healing your injuries.

What Orange County Personal Injury Attorney Can Do For You

Orange County Personal Injury Attorney has the experience, resources, and conviction to investigate your case, no matter what the circumstances. We understand the financial struggles your injuries may be causing as well as the emotional and physical difficulties you are going through. It will become our mission to make this process as painless as possible and still achieve the best possible outcome.

Our services excel when dealing with client trauma, and we will work with you with compassion and dedication to see that you receive the compensation due to you. Being familiar with the Orange County courtrooms, we are ready to go to trial or negotiate with your insurance carrier as well as deal with the defense teams out of court. You will not be disappointed with our unique approach to client care that has set us apart from other law firms in the area.

Orange County Personal Injury Attorney has had many successes in winning compensation for our clients. Some of the cases we have worked on include:

  • Motor vehicle accidents involving a wrongful death
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Premises negligence where injury has occurred due to improperly cared for properties
  • Auto defects which have resulted in an injury
  • Product liability that has caused harm due to a defective product
  • Dangerous road conditions where a driver was negligent in their driving abilities
  • Many other situations which caused personal injury or wrongful death as a result of another's negligent actions

Why Choose Orange County Personal Injury Attorney

If you are looking for compensation for an injury sustained by another's negligence, you want an attorney who is considered elite and has experience with the court systems. You deserve an attorney who will be dedicated to achieving a positive result with your case, and who uses a client-first service. Orange County Personal Injury Attorney is the firm to work with when you or someone you love is suffering from injuries that resulted from another's negligence.

At Orange County Personal Injury Attorney, it is our goal to give you outstanding results by providing superior representation. This goal is delivered with a personal touch from a team of professionals of the highest quality. If you need the best personal injury attorney and live in Orange County, contact our office and schedule an appointment. We can sit down with you to discuss your case and your options.

California Law for Personal Injury

Different state laws define personal injury actions for each state. The California laws pertaining to personal injury apply to intentional acts or negligent actions, which resulted in serious injury. These acts can result from vehicle accidents, violent assaults, and liability torts, including defective product injuries and animal attacks.

If another person's negligent actions result in you suffering an injury, you can file legal action against the one responsible. By submitting a personal injury claim, you could receive financial compensation for a variety of losses. The losses you can be compensated for include a reduced earning capacity, rehab costs, medical bills, lost wages, or pain and suffering resulting from your injuries.

To receive this compensation and to file a personal injury claim, you need to contact Orange County Personal Injury Attorney. We specialize in this field, and you could receive up to three times more compensation with proper legal representation, then if you attempt this process on your own. We are experienced in California personal injury laws and will ensure your claim is filed on time and with the proper information.

Each state has an amount of time you are allowed to wait before filing a personal injury claim if you have suffered harm. This time is called a statute of limitations, and the different deadlines depending on the type of case you are filing.

The State of California allows a person up to two years from the date they are injured to go to court against those responsible for their injuries. This statute of limitations means the injured party has to go to court within a two-year time frame, or the court can refuse to hear the case, and their right to compensation can be lost.

Due to the statute of limitations, you should contact Orange County Personal Injury Attorney as soon as possible. Evidence can be collected, and any supporting material for your claim can be gathered and filed on time. This information will allow your attorney to prove negligence on the responsible party's actions and seek the compensation you deserve.

To prove negligence in a California personal injury suit, you must show:

  • That you were owed a duty of care. This duty of care refers to a legal obligation due to the nature of your relationship with the defendant. An example would be a teacher has ‘duty of care’ with their students under their care, or airlines have a ‘duty of care’ to their passengers.

While there is no 'legal' definition for 'duty of care' under California law, the Supreme Court has stated this idea applies to those legally obligated to prevent predictable harm to others when it is considered reasonable for them to do so. Under California Civil Code section 1714(a) there is an obligation set forth for a general duty of care.

  • That through this care, negligence was breached. Under California law, negligence is the failure to use reasonable care to prevent injury to others or oneself. A person is considered negligent if they do not use reasonable care in a given situation. They are also negligent if they fail to perform an act that a reasonable person would do to prevent harm to another in the same situation.
  • That through this act of negligence, your injuries were sustained.

If you are filing a claim against a government body, you have six months to file a personal injury claim and are required to follow strict procedural rules. A person can be injured in countless ways that can create a personal injury claim against the government. Faulty stairs in a government building, a city bus causing an accident resulting in harm, or a slip and fall from oil left standing at the DMV are just some of the examples where you can sustain an injury that results in the government being responsible.

Special rules have to be followed if your injury has resulted from an accident that the government is even partially responsible for, whether it be a city, state, or federal. The city, county, or federal government set their own rules as to who can sue them, how they can be sued, and for what they can be sued. To file a claim against the government for harm received, you have to start by filing a formal written claim against the government body responsible. This claim generally has to be filed within 30 to 180 days from the date of the accident. By not filing within their time limit, or failing to provide the required information, you may forfeit your right to compensation.

If you have been in an accident that involves a government body, for example, a city bus driver’s poor driving skills or harmed inside a government building, contact Orange County Personal Injury Attorney immediately. Some time limits are as short as thirty days, and our attorney will be able to verify the deadline you must follow and ensure all information is filed properly. You do not want the wrong information entered, as correcting the error may not be possible if time runs out on filing.

Lawsuits against governments are more complex than a similar case.  You will need an experienced personal injury attorney working with you to address any form of a negligence claim against a city, state, or federal government body. Examples of where you may be able to hold them accountable include falling down on a crumbling sidewalk outside a government building, being struck by an on-duty police officer who runs a red light, or being involved in an accident caused by a city bus driver.

Orange County Personal Injury Attorney Practice Areas

Auto Accidents

Orange County, California, is one of the top areas in the country for car accidents. The large population of the area along with the tourism industry and the great weather conditions adds up to a lot of traffic on the roadways. Each year there is an increase in the amount of traffic in this county, which increases the chances of there being accidents.

If you or someone you know has been injured in a vehicular accident, you need to call Orange County Personal Injury Attorney. If the injuries include permanent physical damage, a failure to thrive, lost wages, medical costs, or any of the many results of an injury, you need to have your rights protected.

Even if you do not think there has been a physical injury, you need representation for other legal repercussions of an auto crash as well as injuries that may not appear for weeks or perhaps months after the crash. Having experienced legal counsel after a vehicle accident will ensure you do not miss any steps necessary following an accident on California roadways.

Your Orange County Personal Injury Attorney will help to prove the other driver was partially or wholly responsible for your injuries. By obtaining this proof, we can make sure you receive the compensation you deserve. Anyone driving on California roadways owes other drivers in their vicinity a 'duty of reasonable care.' If another driver causes an accident that results in you being physically harmed, they owe you compensation.

The consequences of your injuries can be just as harmful to your way of life as the injuries themselves. You deserve compensation for everything that affects your way of life as a result of these injuries. We are here to help you receive compensation for medical bills, emotional anguish, lost wages, or a loss of life's enjoyments.

Motorcycle Accidents

Each year in the State of California, more than 4,600 motorcycle accidents result in serious injuries or death. The financial and physical damage incurred from these accidents can be devastating. If you have been a victim of a motorcycle accident, you need Orange County Personal Injury Attorney working to protect your rights and future.

An experienced personal injury attorney will understand how to represent a motorcycle injury victim and how the legal process works for these types of claims. Motorcycle accidents are some of the worst forms of roadway crashes. Motorcycles are driven at high speeds and do not give their riders much in the way of protection.

Accidents on a motorcycle can be the result of other drivers being unaware of their presence. It has been shown in a study that the human brain has a more difficult time perceiving small objects when they are close then they do on larger objects. Unfortunately, this means that drivers in trucks and cars are less likely to notice a motorcycle in their path. This statistic does not remove the responsibility of the car or truck driver if injury or death occurs because they did not see the motorcycle.

Slip and Fall Accidents

A slip and fall accident can happen when you fall to the ground and become injured due to a dangerous condition on someone else’s property. Slip and fall accidents fall under California Personal Injury law and protect people harmed due to the carelessness of another party. Examples of slip and fall would be falling due to spilled liquid on the floor, poorly maintained walkways due to cracks, unevenness, or objects left unattended in a path used for walking.

There are also indirect causes for slip and fall accidents, such as conditions in the environment causing an injury such as poorly lit walkways, broken or missing handrails, areas that have alternating areas of light from strong to low lights or uncared for paths that have not had proper removal of snow and ice.

Orange County Personal Injury Attorney knows these falls can have serious consequences for your emotional and physical wellbeing. A slip and fall accident can lead to lasting pain, high medical bills, and cause you financial hardships. We are ready to sit down and discuss your case and look at all possible options to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve for your injury.

Commercial Vehicle Accidents

When an accident occurs involving a commercial vehicle, it has to be determined who was responsible for the accident, what caused it, and how you can be compensated for your injuries. These questions are complicated and the parties involved to answer them include the driver of the vehicle, the owner of the vehicle, the manufacturer of the vehicle, and the owner of the load being transported. You will need the help of an experienced personal injury attorney to ensure you receive the compensation deserved.

Under California law, if someone else is found to be partially or fully responsible for your injuries resulting from an accident, you are entitled to compensation. This compensation can include:

  • Damage to your car and the contents you had inside of the vehicle
  • Loss of your wages if you had to take time from work to recover from your injuries. This time would include trips to the therapists, doctors, and any others helping you to cope with your injuries.
  • Any lifestyle changes you have had to make due to your injuries, including any loss of enjoyment in your life.
  • Punitive damages if it is found the trucking company showed reckless or intentional acts which resulted in the crash of the truck which injured you.
  • Medical costs, including any you have already paid, any unpaid ones expected to be paid, and any future ones that will generate from your care needed for your injuries.
  • Pain and suffering compensation for any limitations resulting from the accident.
  • Impairment of your earning capacity should you be unable to maintain your current employment abilities.
  • Lifecare should there be ongoing medical costs to address your medical needs.

If you have been injured, or someone you love has sustained injuries from an accident with a commercial vehicle, you need legal representation from Orange County Personal Injury Attorney. These companies have experienced legal counsel, and you need a skilled attorney working for you to make sure your rights and future are protected.

Wrongful Death

If you have lost someone due to an accident or intentional act, as members of the family, you need to talk with the Orange County Personal Injury Attorney to pursue a wrongful death claim. This claim will measure the financial loss you are suffering due to the death of your loved one. These claims are complicated as they involve complex areas of the law. You need an experienced personal injury attorney working with you through these difficult times.

Accidents can happen; unfortunately, sometimes, these accidents are a result of someone's poor decision or poorly manufactured product. These accidents can then result in someone losing their life. The legal system has created an area of the law known as Wrongful Death Law, which will help families who have lost a loved one due to someone's negligence.

You will want the services of an attorney who can maximize your success in a wrongful death claim. There are often several persons who are entitled to recovery through these claims, and an experienced attorney can determine if a probate estate is necessary. This action will allow for an estate to be created to file a wrongful death claim, rather than individual survivors.

Your Orange County Personal Injury Attorney will have an expert measure the deceased's life expectancy had the accident not occurred, and what their occupation would have paid through this lifetime. This analysis will be a key factor in determining compensation for losing them. Other factors considered are the loss of their companionship.

The most common reasons for wrongful death claims include:

  • House fires that have caused smoke inhalation
  • Car crashes
  • Accidental poisoning
  • Choking on food
  • Slip and fall accidents

Pedestrian Accidents

There are a lot of ways for a driver of a vehicle to become distracted. A driver could be talking or texting on their phones, playing with their radio or other music devices, drinking or eating their meal, and even be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Any of these reasons could result in them not seeing you crossing the street.

California has the country’s highest record of pedestrian accidents and death. The numbers in California appear to rise with each year. The determining factor on whether a person can survive being struck by a vehicle greatly depends on the speed at which they are hit. At 20 mph, there is a ninety percent survival rate, but at 40 mph there is less than a twenty percent chance the victim will survive.

If a negligent driver has injured you or someone you know, contact Orange County Personal Injury Attorney to seek compensation. If you are an injured pedestrian who is able to recover from your injuries, the driver responsible for the accident may have to pay you damages. This money would be compensation for your injuries and losses. If the accident resulted in a death, the family might be able to recover compensation.

Compensation for pedestrian accidents can cover:

  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Recurring pain and suffering
  • Broken bones
  • Head injuries
  • Death
  • Medical costs to treat injuries
  • Future medical bills deemed reasonable by the court

To ensure you receive the compensation due to you, contact Orange County Personal Injury Attorney as soon as possible. We will want to advise you on your legal options as well as help you obtain and preserve evidence related to the accident.

Bicycle Accident

Bicycle accidents can happen when a vehicle driver becomes reckless, road conditions are dangerous, or a pedestrian is careless when walking on or across the path of a bicycle rider. In California, the personal injury laws allow anyone injured in a bike accident the right to file a lawsuit for compensation for their injuries.

By contacting Orange County Personal Injury Attorney, you may seek compensation for:

  • Damages to your bicycle
  • Physical injuries you have sustained
  • Lost wages from having to heal from your injuries
  • Medical costs related to your treatment of your injuries

Speaking with an attorney as soon as possible helps to ensure you are treated fairly and receive compensation due to the negligent party. Insurance companies typically want to settle these matters for as little as possible, so you need legal representation to protect your rights and future.

If you have been injured on your bicycle because of an unseen crack in the cement, a pot-hole, or an off-leash pet, you might not know who is responsible. Speak with the Orange County Personal Injury Attorney to seek help in finding the responsible party, so you are compensated for your physical and perhaps emotional injuries.

Bus Accidents

In California, under personal injury laws, you are allowed to file a claim for compensation if you have been injured in a bus accident. These forms of accidents can be caused by bus driver negligence, from the bus companies not taking proper safety measures with their vehicles or any other number of reasons. Whether the accident is the fault of one person or a group, the responsible party for your injuries is required to pay you compensation.

If a death has occurred as a result of the bus accident, the family of the victim is allowed to file a wrongful death lawsuit. This lawsuit will enable the family to seek compensation for their loss and hold the responsible group or driver accountable for their actions. This compensation can include loss of emotional support, financial support, and funeral expenses.

In most cases, a bus accident occurs due to someone's negligence. In some instances, the bus company may be held responsible for the accident even though they were not directly negligent in causing the accident to happen. Your Orange County Personal Injury Attorney has the experience with these cases and will help you determine who is responsible, so you receive compensation for your physical and possibly emotional injuries.

Medical Malpractice

California protects you from medical malpractice. If you feel you have sustained injuries, or someone you know has been injured due to medical malpractice, you need legal counsel. These laws are complex, and having an experienced attorney working with you will ensure your claim is handled professionally and adequately. Doctors, hospitals, and clinics all have legal representation to fight against these forms of allegations, and you will need strong legal advice to help you through this difficult time.

Medical malpractice occurs when a healthcare professional breaches their standard of care. This breach occurs when they are treating a patient, and it causes an injury.  A healthcare professional's standard of care refers to accepted procedures and practices all healthcare practitioners in their area would use.

You will want to contact the Orange County Personal Injury Attorney if you feel you've sustained injuries due to medical malpractice. It will take an experienced attorney to establish the physician breached the standard of care, which caused your injury. This evidence can be difficult to prove, and it not only involves medical care, but prescriptions issued, misdiagnosis, or any form of treatment throughout the entire process.

In California, medical malpractice is fairly broad, and there is a time limit on when you can file a claim. Your attorney can look over your case and explain your options to ensure you receive the full compensation that is due to you.

Catastrophic Injury

A catastrophic injury is one that will leave you suffering permanent disability, which will affect your quality of life. An injury that is classified as catastrophic will make it difficult for you to perform routine daily activities.

Some of the injuries which fall under the catastrophic category include:

  • Multiple bone fractures. When you break a single bone, it can heal in a matter of weeks when properly treated. If you suffer from multiple bone fractures, you could be looking at long-term effects. In some cases, these bones never fully regain strength or mobility.
  • Spinal-cord injuries. Devastating injuries to the back or neck area can result in spinal cord injuries. When you sustain damage to your spinal cord, you could lose transmitting signals from your brain to the rest of your body. These injuries often result in paralysis. ·
  • Injuries caused by electrocution. When an electric current passes through your body, it can result in severe injury. These currents can even be strong enough to kill a person. There is a wide range of lasting electrocution injuries from receiving major burns to cardiac arrest, and internal injuries to your organs.
  • Severe burns. Burns can result in disfigurement and damage to your nerves. Severe burns are considered catastrophic when there is a significant portion of your body that has sustained an injury.
  • It is considered a catastrophic injury if you lose a limb. These injuries often occur in a vehicle or on-the-job accident. When the loss of a limb occurs, you may not be able to return to your line of work or have extreme difficulty obtaining any employment depending on the amputation. You will want to discuss your case with the Orange County Personal Injury Attorney to ensure your current and future medical costs are covered if you are facing amputation due to someone's negligence. There will also be expensive prosthetics that you may require compensation to cover their costs. ·
  • Brain injury. If you have sustained a mild concussion, it typically does not fall under the catastrophic injury category. If there has been severe brain damage which is going to result in permanent consequences, this would be considered catastrophic. There are often mental and physical disabilities associated with traumatic brain injuries.

There is a wide range of events that can cause catastrophic injuries. Most of these involve brain injuries or facet joint injuries. Most often, a person cannot fully recover a normal way of life as they enjoyed before the incident. You want experienced legal counsel working with you to obtain full compensation possible to account for your injuries.

Workplace Injuries

In California, if a worker is injured on the job, they are typically limited to seeking compensation from their employer by filing a workers compensation claim. This form of a claim means the employee cannot sue their employer in civil court. There are; however, five exceptions to this rule where an employee can sue their employer for events that occurred at the workplace.

  • The injuries sustained are the result of a willful physical assault by the employer.
  • The injury occurred by a related employment event, which the employer wrongfully concealed.
  • The injury occurred due to a product manufactured by the employer, but when the injury happened, the victim was not ‘on-the-clock.’ This type of injury is known as a ‘dual capacity.’
  • The injury happened as the result of an improperly set power press machine.
  • If the employer does not carry worker’s compensation insurance at the time the injury occurred.

You can also file a claim against your employer if they have done something not related to your job and is not part of your work relationship. Contact Orange County Personal Injury Attorney if you feel you have been injured by your employer, but want to take civil action against them. We will sit down and discuss the facts of your case and find the best possible resolution to find you the compensation deserved.

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